Camilla works intuitively in a sensitive and caring way. By taking an open hearted and open minded approach, she is able to get to the heart of the matter and help release what's ready to shift. I left feeling unburdened and uplifted and can't thank her enough for sharing her natural abilities. She's a gem and I feel very fortunate that our paths have crossed. Thanks Camilla. With gratitude.

Kim PilkingtonProfessor at the College of Psychic Studies in London

I saw Camilla as I wanted a skin condition of mine to be healed or at least improve. At the session, Camilla was extremely intuitive and new just what I needed. She was able to tune into the stuck emotions I had in my body from past pains and I really do believe she unblocked a lot of this energy. The most remarkable thing that happened straight after her session, and I especially noticed it the next day was that I had no more irritation in my skin area!! This is now 10 days post session and still no itching or irritation whatsoever! It feels like a miracle as I've suffered from this issue for almost 10 years. I am so grateful for Camilla. She has a kind soul with the desire to heal others. I highly recommend her sessions.

I went to visit Camilla and she was so gentle caring intuitive and powerful. she read me like a book and could clearly see where my block was and what my issues were and gave me so much clarity, insight and confirmation to what needs clearing and guidance to release me and become the best version of me. it was personalised service and i came with emotional trauma and digestive issues. since then i have felt lighter, happier, more positive and my digestive issues have dissipated. she is definitely worth seeing and is definitely intuitive and gifted.

Camilla has helped me in a rather wonderful way.

I have always felt that I couldn’t feel things in the way that other people do. This ‘numbness’ or lack of feeling has been an ongoing obstacle for me.

Camilla helped me by feeling my suppressed emotions for me - this was rather a shocking event to witness, even though she did warn me in advance of her reactions of burping and I was assured the emotions dd not adversely affect her.

I’m not sure how this works but nowadays I do feel there is more of a flow in my ability to feel my own emotions, with the thawing of the ‘ice-maiden’ and the reclamation of my own feelings - all with Camilla’s help.

Camilla was tackling my childhood trauma and i felt the energy blocks being released during our session already. I felt lighter in my body and my energy lifted. I felt more and more loved, carefree, relaxed, uplifted, whole... the more she worked on me. I know i was meant to meet her and am very grateful for her help. I am looking forward to my life expanding in different directions after the session. She also gave me a soul reading and gave me some very helpful answers that i needed to hear. Thank you Camilla, you are very precious🙏🙏 🌈

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